Keeping An Eye

At first, the tumbler-shaped omna could be mistaken for a microphone, or even a TV DVR box. Just by judging on its look, it would not stand out too much, making it a perfect companion to have on a table. To connect to your omna, you would need to download the OMNA app from the Appstore. However, you would first require Apple Home to be installed on your device. Once downloaded, turn on your omna, and when the light at the bottom flashes orange, it means that you are clear to connect your device. Created with only iDevices in mind, it is the first security camera to be built around Apple’s HomeKit. If you wish to pair Android devices with security cams, you would be better off picking the plethora of already available security cams in the market.

To use the omna when you’re out and about, you would have to either have an Apple TV or an iPad that’s plugged into the charger, as you require your iPad to be turned on to view it from your iPhone. Despite requiring a web of connection to use it, the omna does its job well. But we have discovered that it does drop connection and lags every now and then when viewing live on your device. But with storage via microSD cards, you can view your recorded videos whenever.

And speaking of recordings, the omna can be triggered via movement, which means if there is an intruder or your pet walking by, your omna will record it and ping you a notification on your iPhone when you’re outside.

Also available on the camera is two-way audio, useful for scaring family members or making your pets jump, aside from communication of course. With HomeKit, you can integrate several devices together with relative ease. You can also have the omna switched on, or trigger your smart light when it senses motion around the house.

A 180-degree camera is installed on the omna, enabling you to have a wider viewing. But when testing, we do find it a little iffy as it gives off a fish-eye lens feel, but without the rounded edges. Even so, it gives sufficient space for us to view with its 180-degree camera.

It is also worth noting that the omna does get slightly hot after prolonged usage, so you should keep it away from curious cats and babies.